Very New

Let’s find out the new interesting items here. We always develop many new attractive items for our customers’s selection. Getting inspired by world trend, our new items are developed more and more in a variety of designs and shapes. Don’t miss them!

Mug 13 Oz. + Lid (Tea Day)

Cup 4.5" (Cafe Coffee )

Mug 11 Oz. (Art & Craft)

Rnd. Mug 10 Oz.

Lidded Mug 12 Oz.

Kid Set 4 Pcs. - G-Girl

Nice Christmas#1

Mug 14 Oz. ( Couple )

Cotton Indigo

Itochu 12 Oz. W/O Hd&Saucer

Lidded Barrel Mug 13 Oz.

Organic Mug 10 Oz. -Hanging Fruit

Dinner Set: Nice Space (521)

Mug + Oval Saucer

Cute Lidded Twin Mug 13 Oz.

Dinner Set: After (547)

Kid Set 3 Pcs. - The Lemon

Limited Edition Mug#2

Dinner Set: Botanical Beauty (431)

Mug 13 Oz. ( Safari Park )