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Safety Standard

Partly from the good quality of products and the best service, the products safety standard is one of the facts which we highly concerned. With our well production system, a very good quality control and professional technical team, we are pleased to assure that our products are all complied with the European, USA and Japanese Safety Standards. And these are proved by the well known and reliable testing companies; SGS, Intertek Testing Service (ITS), CERAM (UK) or METEC (Thailand), and The Department Of Science Service (Thailand).

The list of proved safety standards for our products.
  • 1. European Standard : Council Directive 84/500/EEC amended by Commission Directive 2005/31/EC*** Metal Release (Lead & Cadmium)
  • 2. American FDA and Californian Proprosition 65 (Metal Release ; Lead & Cadmium)
  • 3. Static Immersion Test For Determination Of The Resistance Of Decorated Ware To Alkaline Detergent Attack
  • 4. Microwave Safe (BS EN 15284: 2007)
  • 5. Dishwasher Safe (BS EN 12875-4: 2006)
  • 6. Thermal Shock Resistance (BS EN 1183 :1997, Method B)
  • 7. Thermal Shock Endurance Of Ceramic Hollow-Ware Articles ( In-house Method PT33 ; MTEC )
  • 8. ISO 6486-1 : 1999 Ceramic Ware in contact with food- Release of lead and cadmium – Part I : Test method
  • 9. EN 1388-1 & 2: 1996 Lip/Rim (Metal Release)
  • 10. Japan Food Sanitation Law 2004 For Ceramic Product
    - Leachable Lead & Cadmium
    - Running Colour